Frequently Asked Questions

What makes All My Dawgs the best?

Great question! We're glad you asked. All My Dawgs delivers superior services to not only your dog, but to you. We love dogs, and we love people who love dogs as well. We think that there's something to be said about allowing your dog to stay in its home during the day, while still receiving oustanding service at a lower price than doggy day care. Our team members have had experience with pets of all sizes and temperament, and will treat your pooch like their own. Your dog receives one on on treatment with our walkers that just isn't available at doggy daycares. Best of all, we work around your schedule! There's no more worrying about making it to the kennel on time to grab your pup. Apply to our pack here to get started.

Do you accept any pet or petowner into the pack?

tAll My Dawgs strives to work with clients who's pets are part of their family and are treated accordingly. We interview each client to make sure that we're the correct fit for their petcare needs, and that they're a great fit for our company. We understand that we're not the right company for every petowner, and that every person who applies to our pack may not be the right fit for us! If we find that our core values regarding animals don't align with an applicant, we'll certainly steer them in another direction that may suit them better. So, nope! Not everyone who applies is automatically admitted into the pack.

What does my pup need to get started?

In order to walk your dawg, we will need a copy of current vet and vaccination records. Our walkers provide their own leashes, poop bags, and are equipped with basic first aid tools to keep your dawg safe. Please provide a collar or related walking gear with appropriate tags to walk your dog. We also ask that you provide a towel to wipe your pup's feet off after wet walks if you so choose.

How often will I be billed for dawg services?

Our clients are billed on a monthly basis.

What if I decide All My Dawgs is not for me?

We'll probably be bummed, but we understand! We always encourage pet owners to do what is best for them and their pets. We will simply de activate your TimeToPet account with us. 

Does our pet walker need a copy of our house key?

Nope! All My Dawgs NEVER takes a copy of your key off premises. We find that the best location for your house keys is somewhere where you know where they are. It's safer for you, your pets, and us! We do offer a few options for key storage that we would be more than happy to explain to you at our first meet and greet!