The Pawdicure!

  • Standalone visit: $25.00

  • Add on to Walk: $16.00

All The Other Good Stuff!

The Smelly Cat!

  • Standalone visit: $15.00

  • Add on to Service: $4.00

Does your pooch need their nails done? All My Dawgs can help! Our team member will come to your home for up to 30 minutes (or an additional 15 minutes when scheduled as an add on to an existing service!) to trim up your pup's nails! (sorry, this service isn't available for kitties yet!). We find that pups do better in their own home without the stress or having to go to the vet's office to have their nails trimmed! We do ask that the owner is present for the first Pawdicure. If your dog's or our team member's safety is compromised during a Pawdicure, our team member will immediately end the service. Incomplete services due to the lack of cooperation by the dog will still be charged the full amount. Additional dogs will be $15.00 per pawdicure for a standalone visit and $10 for an add on to an already existing visit.

Whether your cat needs some lovin' or someone needs their nails trimmed, All My Dawgs is there for you! Check out our services that can be booked either as individual visits or as add ons to existing walks or pet visits! As always, a summary of service will be sent at the conclusion at each of these services! We're so excited to offer what you as a pet owner need most. We do ask that at least 24 hours notice is provided for these services. 

While we do love felines, one thing that we know is that no one likes cleaning the litterbox. So, let us do it for you! An All My Dawgs team member will head to your house for up to 10 minutes to de-poop your litterbox! We can add new litter, or change it all together depending on the condition of the box upon arrival. Less gross for you, and more time to enjoy your kitty!