Vacation Services & Slumber Pawty's!

Heading on a work trip or a vacation? Let your pet stay home! With our multi visit pet sitting and overnight services, you'll never have to take your pet to the kennel again! Pets are more comfortable in their familiar surroundings, and will receive 1on1attention while you're away! No more having to remember kennel drop off and pick up times, or worrying about your pet with lots of other unfamiliar animals! We do ask that these arrangements are made at least 1 week in advance and are subject to the availability of our team members. However, we do understand that trips can pop up, so if you find you have something last minute, shoot us a message, and we'll try our very best to accommodate you! Check out our services below:

The MNN Package!

"The MNN" package is great for clients whose pets are typically fine on their own, but could use some cuddles and treats throughout their days. This package includes 3 visits a day: a Morning visit between 8-10am, and after Noon visit between 1-3pm, and a visit at Night between 6-8pm (see what we did there?). Our team members will stop by in the morning for a 30 visit hangout with your pets, a quick 15 minute greeting mid day, and will tuck them in and read a story during our 50 minute visit at night! 1 walk per day is included in this package, as well as administering any necessary medications and giving proper meals. As always, a service summary will be sent to you at the conclusion of each visit. Cuddles, playtime, and head scratches are also complimentary! Any additional pets beyond 4 may increase the cost.

  • This service is available for $60.00 per day!*

The Slumber Pawty

We think the name explains itself. "The Slumber Pawty" is an overnight service for those pets who may have trouble holding it through the night, or have anxiety when left alone for long periods of time. An AMD team member will arrive to your house for a 10 hour overnight visit. While there, our team member will play with, cuddle with, feed, and let your pet out (if it's a dawg)! A 15 minute walk upon arrival in the evening as well as prior to departure in the morning are included in this package. Litterbox cleaning is complementary with this service as well! As always, a summary will be sent at the conclusion of the service as well as a text update (if available) during the service. Any additional pets beyond 4 may increase the cost. Mid day walks are an additional $12.00 per walk. 

  • This service is available for $80.00 per Night!*